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Passion Vet

Good Gut Pet Gel

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PROBIOTIC GEL: Good Gut Probiotics Gel offers a delicious and unique gel formulation enriched with a specially extracted blend of potent lactobacilli.

Digestive Health Champion: Proven to foster a robust digestive system, this gel inhibits harmful bacterial growth and nurtures a healthy gut environment.

Broad Application: Suitable for small animals, including newborns, LactoGold Probiotics Gel helps regulate appetite, treats diarrhea, and mitigates digestive discomfort, reducing the risk of disruptions.

Enhanced Benefits: Enriched with added calcium for strengthened bones and teeth, along with Lutein for vision health and antioxidants, this gel takes holistic well-being a step further.

Potent Prebiotics: The inclusion of prebiotics amplifies the probiotic potency, reinforcing overall digestive vitality. Your pet's health and vitality matter to us.